Geek2Geek Review: Smart singles date

Geek2Geek is a great place with great potential but still has a lot of work. The main concept is very cool and genteel. The idea of creating a site to connect people with the same interests for such purposes as marriage is extremely romantic and right. The site works fine, features are good, but there is a feeling that you miss something. Maybe, this feeling is explained by the absence of an activity counter, so you cannot know exactly how many people are on the site. Anyway, while we were testing this service, nothing went wrong.

The most curious thing about the geek dating site and its community is that it does not have a mobile app. This fact is the only serious downside of the platform because it is so convenient to have an opportunity to have your favorite services in your palm. Smartphones now are much more popular than computers and laptops. Thanks to the mobile internet, it is possible to stay in touch wherever you are. Many of us are busy to spend some free time in front of the computer. Smartphones and tablets do not require such concentration, so you can check your newsfeeds, messages, or likes even at a coffee break.

Nonetheless, is well optimized for mobile browsers. So you can use the full functionality of the site on your device with no limits.

Unique features

You can always find something interesting on the site because it’s essential to have unique features that will highlight the platform from other services. What exactly can you find here?

  • Top. This section contains ten profiles that have the best rating. The community chose these people as the most popular, attractive, and entertaining.
  • Tips for dating. If you want to increase your theoretical base about dating and making a good impression, you can check out free articles.
  • Geek Goddess. Here you can submit an inquiry and receive a full answer. Moreover, you can view other members’ questions to know more.

Searching is that kind of the site’s features that can be considered as a good one. Geek2Geek has an excellent searching function. The most pleasant thing about it is that this feature is available for every user on the site. Besides, it works well and does not require a lot of time to figure out where to click.

The process of finding your love or at least someone who is worth a try is not fast. Usually, this is the most exhausting process of the whole dating. It is like fishing when you must sit and wait. That is why this site does its best to provide you with the best search.

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