How to get rid of a guy in 1 day: women’s tricks that are not only do not work, but also annoy men

On the first date we all desperately try to impress our interlocutor. We put all our charm into action, shoot our eyes, laugh fervently and sometimes we don’t even suspect that we use absolutely wrong tactics of behavior and instead of rapture we cause in our companion only annoyance and irritation. In the article – bad advice, because of which you will immediately lose the guy. Read it and don’t do it!

Talk to a man, like a child

Even women who do not even notice how they switch to a sweet tone and diminutive caress words in communication with an adult man. Such an all-knowing and understanding mommy. Men confess that it pisses them off, and at some point they start waiting for a handkerchief to appear at the nose asking them to blow their nose. It is humiliating, and that’s all. From the first date, men expect a pleasant conversation on equal terms with a smart and funny girl. Think about it.

Complaint about life

No one likes to listen to other people’s problems. Everyone has enough of his own. So less details and more general conversations on interesting topics. Do not go deep into the story about the conflict with your boss, it’s better to ask what he thinks about the exhibition of avant-garde artists, and if he hasn’t seen it yet, don’t hint that you would be happy to look at the paintings again.

Try to please him in everything

No try to agree with his every judgment! He is more likely to fall in love with your personality, rather than in reflection of his own views on life. Be yourself – unique, charismatic and brave. Remember, the best seduction is sincerity.

Bright makeup attracts male

Bright makeup (however, as well as causing clothing) is a thing of the past. Today, naturalness and elegance are in fashion. Believe me, a man will appreciate much more minimal cosmetics and stylish outfit.

Remember each cavalierIn an effort to seem attractive and in demand in the eyes of a companion women begin to boast of their success among other men. Thus, a lady fills herself with a price and thinks that she fuels the excitement of a hunter in a man. But she does not. In fact, these conversations are just tiresome. You still know very little about each other to arouse jealousy in him. And listen to stories about others, and understand that you will also tell about him. It is not pleasant enough. Every man wants to be the one and the main.

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