Jealousy: how do women overcome this feeling and not go crazy?

Hundreds of girls dream that men will be jealous of them, seeing it as the best proof of strong feelings. What a sin to conceal, sometimes we ourselves try to provoke loved ones on jealousy. However, when you are jealous, the situation does not seem so pleasant at all. And if this feeling turns into an obsession, then it’s time to change something in life.

What witty jokes about cheating were not invented by people. All this suggests that the question of distrust in relationships is both vital and topical. Every woman has ever faced jealousy. “How can you not be jealous of your husband? There are so many temptations around, but just give them a reason! – Wives fervently declare about their late husband.

And instead of: “I am jealous,” we write: “I have a rich imagination and a good logical chain.

It is commonly believed that a jealous man is a man in love. Psychologists assure that there are several standard reasons for jealousy. First, jealousy is born out of fear of losing. Second, jealousy comes from uncertainty about the partner. Third, jealousy is a desire to control and subordinate. What is not on this list? That’s right, love! However, if you look deeper, the root of jealousy is uncertainty and fear. Fear that we will not be accepted, will not be appreciated, will not be supported, and … will go away. And we, together with a trim figure or a successful career, will be left alone.

Changing languageMany women feel insecure when their chosen ones are not spending their free time with them. Worrying thoughts appear in your head as a crowd of beautiful girls circling over your man. But you won’t be nice by force!

You need to learn to give others more free space, and it’s best to do this by changing the wording. Instead of: “Again he goes to the bar with his friends”, say to yourself: “Finally I can be alone!” Find something to do with your free time, and take a break from the person you love. And, of course, it’s not about cleaning the kitchen or watching the show! Arrange a meeting with your friends, go to the first trial dance class at the nearest club, make an appointment with a cosmetologist – it’s much more interesting and useful than sitting alone in four walls with a phone in your hand, nervously looking at your watch and twisting yourself up. Let, looking at your happy face, a good man think about where and how you spent his time without it.

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