Mint review

Today we have Mint application on review for those who are looking for acquaintances next to them. We will dissect the patient without haste, looking at every detail, looking for the positive and negative sides of the service. In its short life “Mint” managed to recruit more than 500 000 users.

Developers promise not little, calling their project the most high-quality and convenient dating application. Users are seduced by the lack of advertising and spam, real people and convenient chat for correspondence. In turn, feedback from users slightly counterbalance the sweet promises of the administration.


  • Registration via Facebook, which helps get rid of fake profiles;
  • Simple, but nice to the eye interface;
  • Premium subscription does not give serious advantages.

How does it work?

The format of such programs is not new in itself. On our site we already have a small collection of projects to get acquainted with nearby people. By the way, we recommend you to get acquainted with it. The first and most essential feature of “mint” appears immediately after installation. There is no habitual choice of authorization, instead of it you can enter only through Facebook. For those who already have a page, it will not be a problem, but everyone else will have to start a new one.

To get acquainted with other users do nothing. The application itself will find people nearby and show their profiles. We strongly recommend that you enable geolocation. You cannot find anyone without it, instead you will receive a notice that there is no one online. From the rest of the functionality, the main page has a history of correspondence and liked in the past pages of other users.

In the editor you can write a short autobiography, specify the place of study and work, musical preferences and add personal data (name, gender, age). Since Mint is tightly integrated into Facebook, you can transfer some information from your social networking page. Premium subscriptions do not offer serious benefits, but increase comfort and open up several new features. First of all, it allows you to see those who have viewed your page and removes some restrictions on chat.


There is a category of applications in which there is still unrealized potential and Mint refers to it. For the inhabitants of big cities it is a good opportunity to find a pen friend who also lives nearby. On the other hand, this kind of projects are created for flirting and serious relationships, so no one limits the chat.

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