Reasons why we are jealous

Jealousy is always dangerous! A destructive sense of jealousy can ruin any girl’s relationship. Even if it does not come to a break-up, suspicion and distrust – constant companions of jealousy – actively prevent enjoying life with a partner, creating joint plans, the harmony of relationships in a pair.

What is jealousy? l It is a bright emotional sense of ownership, reinforced by selfishness. But in this definition there are no reasons that cause jealousy and related emotional pain, irritation, nervousness. And the above mentioned consequences are likely to occur both for you and your partner. Even if you will experience jealousy “in yourself,” it will affect the relationship – through your heightened suspiciousness.

Consider the most common causes of jealousy and ways to eliminate them.

1.  Inferiority complex

“Inferiority Complex”, leading to dramatic uncertainty, is the most common reason for jealousy. When you think that a partner can find better – prettier, younger, sexier, more successful, etc.  – then the reason for jealousy will not be long in coming. What can I do?

The solution: love yourself! It means understanding yourself, working on yourself, developing and improving your self-esteem. It is also an excuse to better understand your partner, who is with you not because you are “the best of the best”, but because he loves you as a unique person, as a relative and close person. 

2. Dangerous rivals

Dangerous rivals in dangerous proximity sometimes do appear, and this can happen at any stage of your relationship. In this case, to suspect and make scenes – a way to deconstruct, quite capable of destroying the relationship and without a rival.

The solution: “heal” is to work on yourself, the development of your relationship with your partner.  Start to invest more love, attention and care in yourself, in your “half”, in your relationship – and the result will be radically different. Appearance of rivals, with the right approach, a great excuse to develop their own uniqueness and your and your partner’s intimacy. 

3. Negative from the past

Negative from the past can also cause problems in the present, and it is in the form of jealousy. Did your relationship end because of your partner’s infidelity, or maybe your man left another family for you? Now you are constantly alert, jealous and suspicious of your partner out of fear that the story will repeat itself.

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