Why can’t you form a long-term relationship

This article will tell you what psychological attitudes block the way to a healthy relationship and how to properly get rid of toxic behavioral patterns to become happier.

Today we see more and more successful, beautiful, intelligent women who want to create a long and lasting relationship, but every time they fail. And if at first you may think that the reason – in a man, in his character or just in the circumstances, then with each subsequent failed novel, more and more questions you will have to ask your own person. Of course, any case is individual, but there are general behavioral trends that close the way to personal happiness. We tell you which ones.

You don’t talk about relationships

In 90 per cent of cases, all disagreements and conflicts in a relationship are due to a failure to convey their needs correctly to others. We more often keep silent, leave the conversation, get offended, all kinds of trying to show a partner his dissatisfaction. The human being is a social being, and he builds his communication using not only mimics and gestures, but also the main means of communication – speech. It is not difficult to suppose that in order to realize the other person’s need, we need to hear and understand it.

You don’t know how to ask

The topic of women, who are sometimes ahead of many men in strength of spirit and grip, is particularly actively discussed today. The trend is that strong women are taught to be weak, or at least to seem weak. They are taught to ask for help, to let themselves be taken care of, and to forget about their wallet when they bring a check to a cafe on a first date.

There is nothing wrong with playing this role once or twice, but when it comes to a long relationship, the philosophy of a strong woman’s life will sooner or later make a difference. Which men do they most often attract?  As a rule – soft, compliant, able to take someone else’s point of view without much discussion, able to please, executive. And what men does such a woman want to see next to her? Strong, demanding, defending their opinion, assertive, grabby, confident, resistant. In fact, she wants to be with an equal man – but meets the exact opposite.

At the heart of the behavior of a strong woman, most often, is a difficult, broken relationship with his mother.  From early childhood, a girl may be deprived of maternal care and love for various reasons. In this case, the mother is actually present in the life of the daughter, but his parental role is purely formal.

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