How do you confess to your beloved man?

Do you always think about him, blush when he talks to you, and often imagine a happy future together? So we can say that someone seems to be in love!

And we strongly advise you not to hide your feelings, but to tell your dreams about them. Does that sound scary for you? Don’t worry, we know exactly how to do it right! Follow these simple advice, and everything will go smoothly!

Start with a clue

Before you fight him with a Shakespeare-style monologue, prepare the ground: give him a hint of your feelings and see the reaction. A short flirty message is the best option.

Set the deadline

Pick a date when you’re gonna do it and admit your feelings to him. Preferably not tomorrow – the more time you give yourself, the better you can prepare. And you’ll stop being so afraid.

Forget all of your doubts

Nobody can be completely sure about love issues – so cast aside your doubts and take this step. The more experience you gain, the more confident you become.

Give him a choice

We sincerely hope that the hero of your novel will reciprocate you, but there are things in life. And anyone has the right not to respond to the feelings of someone who’s in love with him. So let’s not make this any harder than it has to be, let him know that he has a choice. So you’ll put him out of his conscience and you’ll put yourself out of his uncomfortable situation.

Do what’s convenient for you

Try to find a form of expression that’s most comfortable for you. A letter? Dialogue? Or maybe a poem? Believe me, no one knows how it should be right, so the choice is yours.

Imagine all the possibilities for events

What if you don’t tell him how you feel? Imagine, like, five years ago? Will you regret the missed opportunities? Or are your feelings not that strong?

Think more globally

As we have already said, every person has the right not to reciprocate a declaration of love. And believe me, if that’s what happens, it won’t be the end of the world. Surely, there were already unsuccessful love stories in your life, which at that time seemed to be tragedies of world scale. What do you think about them now? I bet you can’t even remember. So adjust to the positive and don’t be afraid of anything.

Now you’re ready to tell him how you feel. Don’t worry, it’ll go smoothly even if your feelings aren’t mutual. By confessing, you will truly make your life less challenging, and you will become much more confident than you used to be!

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