Why girls fall in love with bad guys

Noble robbers, undercover agents, risky riders, stars, just school bullies – girls of different eras have gone and continue to go crazy for guys who have this elusive special charm.

Why do we like so much unreliable, narcissistic, problem men who almost certainly will break our hearts? That’s what psychologists say about it.

They know how to charm

Scientists at Durham University in the U.S. explain: men are more likely to possess the qualities of the dark triad – this group of personality traits include narcissism and psychopathy.

With narcissism, everything is clear – a man is so in love with an unseen self that he simply does not have enough deep feelings for someone else. You have probably heard about psychopathy too – such people have no idea what empathy is, are antisocial and behave quite peculiar, but endowed with incredible charm.

So when we think the bad guys are irresistible, imagine not. They really look awesome, they’re crazy interesting and they believe that the sea is on their knees. You’re literally bewitched by the charm of these insidious tempters.

That’s not the end of the bad news. You can’t build a healthy relationship with these charming bloodsuckers. But the co-dependents are always welcome. And that’s just another secret to the attractiveness of the bad guys – most girls are predisposed to this scenario.

Maybe she missed daddy’s love, or he was the aggressor in the family. There aren’t too many options. Feel that it’s like you – run to the psychologist, he will help correct the attitudes and get rid of unhealthy passion.

It’s more fun with them

Not all girls dream of getting married as soon as they get the chance. Some like to flirt, spin novels and just enjoy life. Between 18 and 20 years old, it’s pretty natural.

These guys consciously choose guys who will be interesting and will not marry. After all, it is clear that at some point such Romeo will merge safely. Well, or he won’t be too worried if you decide to change the situation first.

But if you sleep and see how you’ll meet your loved one from work and feed him homemade pies, but you’re still drawn to the fateful guys who suddenly make legs, sort yourself out. Psychologists, by the way, believe that everyone, even the most inappropriate partner we choose ourselves – subconsciously, but with a certain purpose.

These are the main reasons why girls fall in love with bad guys. However, there are many more of them.

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