10 Verbal Tips that can Tell you that your Online Friend Lies to You

Online communication on video chats is a pleasant and convenient way to spend pastime and find new interesting acquaintances. At the same time, no one can prove your interlocutor’s words. It is impossible to understand whether your random online interlocutor is honest with you. Users lie for different reasons:

  • the fear of offending an interlocutor;
  • the desire to look better and create a better impression;
  • morality.

How to determine that a person is lying by speech

Telling lies directly influences your speech. It’s hard to control words, that is why it can help when revealing a cheater. The following techniques will help find the truth and determine whether your interlocutor on a cam chat is a deceiver.

  1. During a conversation, a liar does not pronounce specific facts. He/she explains this fact by ignorance or incomplete information. At the same time, he/she tries to convince an interlocutor of the correctness and reliability of his/her words.
  2. A liar can speak aggressively. In such cases, he/she does not give the opportunity to doubt his/her rightness. Or vice versa, appeal to pity.
  3. When talking, a cheater often confuses pronouns.
  4. During a dialogue with an online user, a deceiver tries to copy an answer to a question. For example, “Did you have lunch today?” – “Yes, I had lunch today.”
  5. Pay attention to an interlocutor’s speech. If a person tries to create a false story, he/she should remember his/her words. This leads to confused words in the speech.
  6. It can be difficult for a cheater to make logical sentences. The confusion and repetition of phrases, as well as involuntary phrases signal about telling lies.
  7. Try to change the topic of dialogue. It is a common and successful technique of how to reveal a deceiver using verbal language. Jump to another topic, them come back to the previous one, and ask clarifying questions. If your interlocutor on a random chat confuses events, forgets details, it is a clear sign of lying.
  8. If you suspect a lie, ask to tell the story in the reverse order of events. In most cases, a cheater will be confused and won’t be able to recall all false facts.
  9. If you know that a person tries not to trust anyone, then this speaks of his/her frequent lying. A person perceives surrounding people based on his/her model of behavior.

When communication with random interlocutors on online video chats, pay attention to the behavior of your interlocutor. Not only words but also gestures, mimics, movements (body language) are able to clearly demonstrate lies and dishonest attitude to you.

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