Recent facts about video chats

Since the invention of the internet the interaction has changed completely. These days human beings prefer texting to their mates or family members instead of meeting their relatives in reality. However, one will make an error if he says that individuals have begun to interact to each other less. Nowadays there are hundreds of innovative online platforms where you will be able to meet a friend or even a partner for a long-term relationship. First of all, the programmers developed messengers where one could chat not only with individuals who he knew but also with strangers. Furthermore, video chatting has become available all over the globe recently. These are services for communication which you will be able to use if you have got a web camera on his mobile phone or laptop. These online platforms have become popular not only in European commonwealths, but also in Asian countries. That is why scientists conducted a research, and they have found some surprising facts.

Females observe the information on the personal page much oftener than men

At least every second woman needs to find out everything about the male who interests her before beginning a conversation with him on a video chat.

Moreover, males who go through other users’ accounts spend 70 percent of their time observing the pictures. That’s one of the most essential reasons why you should put the most attractive photo of yourself on your profile.

Nation and class are still significant

When a person looks at the interlocutor’s information, he notices his nation and class. This is important for some human beings to have conversations with individuals of the same race. Furthermore, you get more chances to find a friend on such an online platform if you tell him that you are a “middle class” than if you are a “working class”.

Only a couple of pairs out of three will go on a special evening in reality

The possibility to see your boyfriend from a video chat in real life is quite high. But only a dozen years ago all the couples who found each other when they were having a conversation on a service for chatting via a web camera would not go out even after being together for more than 1 year.

35 percent of females ask for a help before beginning interactions

Almost every third woman asks her friend to check her account beforehand. However, only 14 % of men do such an action before starting looking for a person to talk.


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