How Not To Behave In Cam Chat – Code Of Conduct

Video chatting is one of the most widespread ways to communicate with people who live all around the world. An opportunity to see someone online, get to know new people and gain vivid emotions day by day attracts millions of guys and girls making cam chat increasingly popular and so irreplaceable. Such kind of communication also has certain rules people need to follow in order not to be banned from chatroulette. Let’s consider some of them.

7 Things You Can’t Do In Random Chat

Video chat is intended to help people get to know someone new, find good friends and meet their soulmate. Don’t be too persevering when talking to other people in chatroulette, especially if someone is not willing to chat with you. If you’ve been rejected by someone, then just skip this person and start looking for the one you will have common ground with.

Don’t show other people your personal photos, especially nude ones, since someone can make screenshots and upload them on any other website. Random chat is not liable for photographs which may be uploaded anywhere by another user.

Things forbidden in video chat:

  1. Use chatroulette from several accounts and write different information in each of them.
  2. Advertise anything: your website, another video chats and sites similar to them, sell your goods or offer your services.
  3. Flood, in other words, spam in chat, send too many same messages in a short amount of time, send a lot of stickers or emojis, as well as send long song lyrics, chapters from the books, etc.
  4. Discuss and criticize the work of moderators. Wrangle or argue with them.
  5. Be rude to people you are video chatting with. Threaten others, behave aggressively and offend your companions.
  6. Promote violence and hate towards people of different nationalities/gender/political ideologies, etc. Promote racism, sexism, homophobia, nationalism, drug use, alcohol abuse, etc.
  7. Set at variance, infringe on other people rights, discriminate against others.

Chatroulette users may violate rules offending others, showing their body parts and making inappropriate propositions. In such case, it’s suggested you to quickly stop video chatting with this person and inform on him/her by pressing the “report” button. This person will be banned from using the service right away.

All guys and girls are able to use chatroulette, place which makes it possible for everyone to not only find good friends and meet a soulmate, but also open new horizons, enjoy their pastime and have much fun talking to random people. It’s worth remembering the fact you can skip a person you don’t feel comfortable with in one click, and enjoy talking to cheerful strangers who can keep an easy conversation going.

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